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In the middle of Snowhere

My name is Andre, I`m from the land of the sun, and I'm living in Winterfell (Helsinki). Im a character designer, comic artist, illustrator and professional idiot.
andre.ilustracion at
Apr 18 '14

Love you guys. 

Apr 9 '14
10 years whatthefuck


10 years whatthefuck

Apr 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Kudos on the recent comic/tutorial. You put it so that everybody can understand it and in an entertaining way that doesn't offend or ridicule. Brilliant job! :D

thank you so very much!!!

Apr 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

I was bashed because one of my black character didn't have a "black guy personality" and that he was "acting white"

My team was once asked if a female character could be ironic..

Apr 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

Your post on how to design good characters of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities, etc, is good, but simplifying it too much is problematic. Someone who is a transgender latino man is going to have extremely different experiences, struggles, and personal victories than would someone a cisgender white man, and it's important to take those into account when making a character like that. It's important to avoid stereotyping, but authenticity doesn't completely ignore identity.

Yes, true, but that is why I say it belongs to the backstory. And only if you decide to. But im kind of sad that in “commertial culture” cliches are so hardcore. I mainly work in my personal art with fantasy and adventures. I rarely go social. But when I work for corporations (basically for whom this post is meant to) there are so many stupid limitations that it makes me crazy. This post is not meant for people that already know this. It has some innacuracies, and its impossible to be 100% precise, I left too many other “stereotypes” out of the pages, but its supposed just to open the mind and then apply logic to everything else…

Mar 31 '14

Working in animation, video games and comics, i encounter this questions more than I’d like to. I was surprised how so many people don’t have a clue, and its a very sincere and valid question, because education doesn’t make people understand each other naturally. 
Thank you for reading, I hope its useful. 

Mar 20 '14

True story Bro

Mar 6 '14

4 pages I made last year for Oscar Martín’s comic compilation SOLO, HISTORIAS CANIBALES 2. 
I’m  so happy he asked me to join the project. 
I used to read his comic SOLO in the bookshops, hiding from the owner, because i was 9 and well… its was kind of adult.
Not much, just sex, violence and lots of blood. 

It really influenced me in wanting to do comics when I grew up.
So i was giddy as a schoolgirl with the proposition!!!

Mar 6 '14

I’ve never posted a work on progress mini tutorial in my tumblr… 
Here is one!
In this case, the whole process happened in photoshop. 
The pin up is a promo illustration I made last year for my collaboration in the comic compilation SOLO HISTORIAS CANIBALES 2 of Oscar Martín, published in Ominiki editions. 

After being happy with the sketch and finally inking, I lower the opacity of the ink layer (in multiply) and use it as a reference for the base color. 
The base color is the silhouette of the character in the skin color, with clipping masks with the details.
The shadow is a clipping mask on the whole character, in multiply and low opacity, in the color of the water. 
Add some details and its doned!

Mar 3 '14

Existential questions.
Honoring Andrew Hickinbottom, and his genious silly comments about predator´s period in my facebook wall.